ALFASILK GREY ø 1,75 mm - 250 gr

    Colour METALLICO
    Net Weight 0.250 Kg
    Gross Weight 0.600
    Nozzle Temperature 210 - 230°C
    Recommended Print Speed 40 - 120 mm/s
    Buildplate Temperature 0-70°C
    Spool external diameter 140 mm
    Spool Width 42 mm
    Packaging Vacuum Sealed Spool with Protective Cardboard Box

ALFASILK GREY ø 2,85 mm - 250 gr



    FILOALFA®'s ALFASILK is an easy to print material suitable for any type of 3D printer.

    Polylactic acid (PLA), on which it is based, is a biodegradable plastic made up of renewable natural resources and therefore respects the environment.

    The GLOSSY finish is enriched by a pleasant reflection very similar to that of silk from which it takes its name.

    The already excellent mechanical resistance, and a low retraction,
    is enriched by a greater impact resistance and elasticity that make it a highly performing material for various applications.

    FILOALFA®'s ALFASILK, completely non-toxic and odorless until high temperature, will amaze for the high adhesion between the layers if printed at higher temperatures.

    FILOALFA®'s ALFASILK for fast and economical printing.

    + Easy to print
    + Non-toxic and odorless
    + Shiny and bright
    + Shock resistant

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ALFASILK GREY ø 2,85 mm - 250 gr

ALFASILK GREY ø 2,85 mm - 250 gr

250 gr ALFASILK 3D printer filament ø 2,85 mm spool . Colour: GREY

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