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FILOALFA® has developed an innovative line of high quality technical filaments for 3D printing made of polycarbonate, nylon, ABS, PETG and other materials. The technical filaments, which are available in various colours and sizes, have exceptional mechanical and thermal properties and can therefore be used for technical and industrial applications.

The product range includes various types of technical filaments:

  • Technical Filaments made of Polycarbonate

The polycarbonate filaments are characterized by a high resistance to impact and heat. Polycarbonate can withstand high temperatures up to 150 degrees and because of this it is used to make bulletproof glass, helmets and protective devices. The light and durable Polycarbonate is an extremely versatile and safe material, that doesn’t contain any components that are toxic to man or the environment.

The polycarbonate filaments manufactured by FILOALFA® have a distinct translucent, bright and aesthetically pleasing finish and a very low cost.

  • Technical Filaments made of Nylon

Special white-transparent coloured nylon filaments are among the products supplied by FILOALFA®: their impact, scratch and chemical resistant properties make them suitable for the professional printing of gears and other industrial components.

Nylon filaments are new to the field of 3D printing and are used for their mechanical properties and dimensional stability.

FILOALFA® technical filaments also include:

  • ABSpeciale, a filament developed from the standard ABS filaments characterized by a greater rigidity, hardness and resistance and therefore printable even at low temperatures and are particularly adherent to the work surface.
  • PC/ABS, a new technical filament, which combines the excellent mechanical qualities of PC with the easier to process ABS. Its high mechanical performance, perfect adhesion between layers and bright glossy surface finish are highly valued. It is also particularly suitable for prints that will be chrome plated.
  • PETG is a category of technical filaments that have exceptional mechanical properties. They are extremely easy to print, very resistant to wear, to impact and to chemicals and have an elegant glossy finish.
  • ABS V0 is a unique type of technical filamentin that it is self-extinguishing, or fire resistant (with a certification that flames are extinguished within 10 seconds) and therefore suitable for the production of prototypes that are subject to high temperatures and for protecting electrical systems or electronic circuits.
  • ABS 109 is a technical filament that evolved from the standard ABS filaments. This products anti-static properties and high impact resistance mean that it is recommended for making static-free products.

Technical filaments developed by FILOALFA® also include N-Asa, UV resistant and suitable for professional printing. This product has excellent mechanical properties and adhesion to the plate, low shrinkage and good chemical resistance. It is highly suited for industrial applications and for producing products for outdoor use.

Would you like to find out more? Contact FILOALFA® for information!

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