Bio-based technopolimer with exceptional characteristics

To see all the colors and formats for 1,75mm filament click here: FILOALFA ALFAPLUS

FILOALFA ALFAPLUS is the latest bio-based technical polymer in FILOALFA's range of filaments and represents a step ahead in 3D printing. Its bio formulation respects the environment, have high mechanical characteristics and, after an easy treatment, excellent heat resistance characteristics.

ALFAPLUS has a tensile strength of 430 Kg/cm2 (measured on a 3D printed test), which is equal to +80% compared to a common ABS (230 Kg/cm2 measured on a 3D printed test).

ALFAPLUS is also characterized by a high thermal resistance: it is able to reach 105° C without deformation. This value makes ALFAPLUS the perfect alternative for those looking for a compromise between ease of printing and excellent mechanical and thermal properties.


The thermal characteristics of ALFAPLUS are 50% higher than PLA, which has a softening temperature (HDT) of 55° C and 30% higher than common ABS, which stops at 89° C.

ALFAPLUS is offered by FILOALFA at the same price as the ABS spool, but it features many more advantages: it has natural origins and respects the environment; does not need heatbed or hot chamber; does not produce any harmful smell during printing; has a good dimensional tolerance and no retraction; it is therefore suitable for most commercial printers. 
In particular, ALFAPLUS is recommended for professional prints that have to meet high mechanical and physical requirements.

With the launch of the new natural-looking filament, FILOALFA intends to renew its 3D filament offering. ALFAPLUS offers the ability to replace PLA with a biopolymer that exceeds the ease of printing and mechanical properties of PLA and at the same time surpasses the thermal properties of ABS, all at an incredibly competitive price: ALFAPLUS is not just a new filament , but a new printing concept.
Once the piece is printed with ALFAPLUS it is sufficient to heat it in the oven for about two hours at 80° C to give it an HDT value of 0.45 MPa at 105° C.

ALFAPLUS will surprise you for its capabilities and ease of use and will become the best partner for all your projects.

To see all the colors and formats for 1,75mm filament click here: FILOALFA ALFAPLUS




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