Passione 3D and 3d printed RC modeling. -

Passione 3D and 3d printed RC modeling.

PASSIONE 3D operates in the field of dynamic radio controlled modeling, designing and building RC aircraft models using latest generation 3D printers.
The additive manufacturing technology has allowed the creation of new aircraft models, made at the same time reliable and finished in detail by FILOALFA® materials.

The MB339 model, the pride of Italian aeronautical technology and current aircraft of the National Aerobatic Team, is the model currently produced by PASSIONE 3D in two variants: the 70mm edf and the 90mm edf. These differ in terms of wingspan and length of the fuse.

All alignments, wings, shelves, tail, moving parts, hinge housing, canopy insertion are designed to ensure an easy and safe installation. The material used for the printing of the model, produced by FILOALFA®, is of high quality and mechanical resistance, and is able to withstand temperatures above 100° C.

Technical specifications:

MB339 edf 90mm
Fuselage length: 1.45 m
Wingspan: 1.42 m
Servos: 9 / 13gr
Ducted fan: 90mm
Batteries: 6S
Material: Alfaplus by FILOALFA®
Weight: 3800g / 4000g (with 5000 mAh batteries - 6200 mAh)

The kit is printed in multiple sections, ready to be assembled.

In-flight video:




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