A 2 meters Gundam strikes the MakerFaire -

A 2 meters Gundam strikes the MakerFaire

Fabfactory 3d prints an epic robot: more than two meters high!

During Rome's Makerfaire, FabFactory 3D printed a Gundam model over 2 meters high.

The over 100 pieces, over 60 kg of filament and more than 1500 hours divided into 48 days, were printed with FILOALFA® PLA and PETG  ​​with the intent to demonstrate the reliability and quality of the materials. The printers used are the deltas of the Italian WASP, while among the main people responsible for this work is Diana Branca, who modeled the components in 3D, and Ivan Paduano, who was in charge of the phase of breaking up the 3D model into pieces.

Fabfactory's thanks also go to Antonio Berera, Alessandro Rullo, Gabriele Rollo, Fortunato Montone, Riccardo Roverelli, Bruno Luziatelli, Lorenzo Antonucci, Sergio Barbieri, Salvatore Tassone, Silvio Francese, and of course to Bandai Namco, who holds the rights of the Gundam robots since 1979.

Fabfactory was born with the aim of spreading and developing at its customers' culture and digital manufacturing services for the creation of prototypes, craft and industrial products, pilot series, and highly customized small productions. 3D printing, laser cutting, and other numerical control equipment are the contemporary media for the rapid realization of manufactured articles, lowering costs and production times, shortening the design and prototype cycle. With 3D printing, in addition to prototyping, Fabfactory creates highly customizable limited series of products.

"Despite having embraced process and product innovation," they explain on the website, "we have not forgotten traditional manufacturing techniques, with the ultimate aim of celebrating the marriage between tradition and innovation.

To close the circle of our service proposal, we offer classroom training courses, or personalized courses in our pertinence, following the principle: "we teach what we do".




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