This year for Christmas gives a smile -

CHRISTMAS 2019: when work helps (every day)

In collaboration with the Aurora Cooperative to support a solidarity project.

Christmas 2019: When work helps (every day)

This year at Ciceri de Mondel S.r.l. and FILOALFA®, we decided to go for Christmas greetings, gifts and solidarity in a slightly different way: we decided to focus on the value of work.

"Marco (who every day meticulously, but also with speed prepares the FILOALFA® ​​shipments) had an idea and talked with Silvio (who every day with precision, but also with sympathy, manages customer requests for FILOALFA®), who talked about it with Luciana (who daily administers the company with enthusiasm, but also with prudence), who immediately shared the initiative with Antonio (who every day with creativity but also with competence supervises the production by Ciceri de Mondel) Luciana called Paola and Luciano (who manage the Aurora Cooperative with generosity and great industriousness every day) and involved Edoardo and Laura (who every day with imagination and preparation make FILOALFA® ​​known through social networks ). Laura and Edoardo then went to the Aurora Cooperative workshop and thanks to their images we can all better understand how important the work is for everyone."

Here, then, is our gift for Christmas 2019: thanks to everyone's commitment we help to work, to feel useful, to "do" those who are a little more in difficulty. We help the Aurora Cooperative to make a small Christmas gift: a 3D printed tree, decorated and packaged by hand.

At Christmas give a FILOALFA® ​​Tree

The income will go entirely to support the Aurora Cooperative, to help Luciano and Paola continue to give work to those in need! Find all the information at this link.

Thank you all: to all the collaborators who have not been cited (but who work with us every day with tenacity and dedication), to all those who work in the laboratory and to all of you who want to support our project.
Merry Christmas and good work!

Ciceri de Mondel S.r.l. - FILOALFA®

Thanks to: Brignetti Longoni Design Studio





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