FILOALFA ABS-3d FC Elix is in the Ultimaker Material Alliance -

ABS-3d FC Elix is in the Ultimaker Material Alliance

ABS-3d FC Elix is the first FILOALFA® filament to be part of the Ultimaker Material Alliance.

The goal of the program is to develop materials to meet the growing demand for industrial-grade 3D printing materials, the printer manufacturer is, in fact, trying to offer materials that allow users to print parts in addition to the standard ABS and PLA filaments.

Choosing the material is one of the key considerations for an engineer when it comes to choosing a production method. For example, the company will give access to self-extinguishing filaments, high chemical resistance, and materials suitable for contact with food, such as FILOALFA® ABS-3d FC Elix.

ABS-3d FC Elix is a high-performance ABS that is easy to print, and whose granule is certified for the standard biocompatibility for food contact and medical applications.

The material complies with the following reference standards:

- Biocompatible: ISO 10993-1 USP Class VI
- Food contact approved material acc. EU No 10/20111 and 21 CFR FDA

The result is a very special material, suitable for technical and high precision uses, born thanks to the collaboration with ELIX Polymers and that we are sure will not cease to amaze you.




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