The Storytellers Project - the pleasure of a storytelling from a distance -

The Storytellers Project

The pleasure of a long-distance story

A project created to connect parents, grandparents and relatives with children and grandchildren who cannot communicate directly due to work or distance.

The Storytellers Project allows the remote reading of fairy tales and stories through a toy/tool 3d printed with FILOALFA® filaments.

The idea and its realization are by Laura Boffi, Italian interaction & service designer, who has applied the principles of Human-Centered Design to develop new types of interaction around the ritual of telling a story.

The Storybell

The main instrument of remote interaction is the Storybell, a 3d printed bell that the child can take home, and which is able to stimulate the child's interest by moving, playing and telling stories directly from the voice of his parents.

In the future it will also be possible to project images of the stories to make the experience even more immersive and engaging for children.

A help to overcome social distancing

The Storytellers project aims to foster intergenerational relationships which are beneficial for all generations involved: seniors, children, and young parents.

The project would like to enable a community ecosystem which leverages on:

  • the older adults’ aspiration to be useful to society and to create something good for the younger generations

  • children's need to listen to stories and bond with different aged people for psychological development

  • young parents' need for support in children caring.

Children in fact are among the most affected in this historical period in which physical relationships are not recommended, and the Storytellers project wants to make it easier to make human contact between people physically distant from each other.

To deepen the project:

The Storytellers Project




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