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FILOALFA® launches ETHICA, the product line in the world of sustainability

At FILOALFA® we firmly believe in a better future and for this reason, we commit ourselves every day to make our production more eco-friendly. This commitment is realized in supporting the circular economy of plastics and also in the conscious use of plastics themselves.

This is why we are looking for ever more environmentally friendly formulations for our filaments and are committed to reducing waste.

It is with this vision in mind that FILOALFA®'s ETHICA line is born: a line of 3D printing filaments entirely dedicated to the development of materials conceived with sustainability in mind.

The first product family: Vita Nova

During the production process of 3D printing materials, there are several moments when the extrusion lines produce filaments that are not perfect in terms of dimensional consistency or color uniformity, such as a change of color or diameter. All these "waste" filaments, divided by type of material, are subsequently shredded, dried, and re-extruded, taking "new life", and going to build the raw material used for the extrusion of VITA NOVA filaments.

An advantage for everyone

This process has advantages for the environment, the manufacturer, and the end-user: it allows production that eliminates internal pre-consumer waste and provides a cheaper product for those who need materials for functional use.

In fact, VITA NOVA filaments maintain the same mechanical and chemical properties of the filaments produced from "new" material, but they tend to have dark undefined colors that differ from batch to batch.

Buy the new VITA NOVA filaments here:


An evolving line of filaments

The innovation does not end here: ETHICA by FILOALFA® will be enriched over time with new natural-based and biodegradable filaments. We are investing in sustainable innovation, which is why we will periodically add new eco-friendly filaments that will allow the beginning of a new era in 3D printing.




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