A clip for rolling spools -

A clip for rolling spools

A clip born from listening to customers

At Filoalfa, we always try to focus on customer feedback and engaging our user community. We believe that actively listening to customers is key to constantly improving product quality and staying abreast of the latest industry trends.

In line with this commitment, at Filoalfa we recently introduced some lighter and stronger spools with an innovative filament-locking system. This system, however, proved ineffective with the feeders of some recently built printers. For this reason, we designed a specially designed clip to be attached to the black spools. This clip, designed in collaboration with the user community, aims to simplify the process of sliding the filament to the edge of the spool.

Filoalfa's clip is precision-engineered to ensure a perfect fit to black bobbins, allowing for an even flow of filament during the printing process. This design uses only 5g of filament and can be easily printed in any material.

Download the clip on Thingiverse

However, with a view to future development, we have decided not to wind the new filaments on these reels, and have reverted to classic transparent or cardboard reels.

The launch of this clip represents another step forward for Filoalfa in offering cutting-edge products and building an ever-closer relationship with its customers. The company looks to the future with enthusiasm, continuing to invest in research and development to meet the ever-increasing needs of the 3D printing world.



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