FILOALFA® | Innovative and ecological solutions for 3D printing

FILOALFA® | Innovative and ecological solutions for 3D printing


Filaments with passion and experience.


Our passion for new technologies and decades of experience in the extrusion plastics motivate us to pursue a single great goal: creating 3D printing filaments with excellent qualities.

We strive to offer our customers a high performance filament in terms of dimensional tolerance, color, mechanical properties, repeatability, and 100% Made in Italy, combined with an excellent value for money.

Our experience as an industry leads us to the creation of high performance technical products.
Our experience as Makers allows us to broaden the range of products every day, making the panorama of 3D filaments ever more varied.


At FILOALFA® we pursue a vision that is first and foremost people-oriented, careful to contain health risks and to promote safety in the making and use of our products.

Read the document HEALTH AND SAFETY: the investigation of the dispersion of pollutants in the air during the processing of FILOALFA® filaments with 3D printer.



The 3D printing technology supports sustainable production

The FILOALFA® brand uses tested plastic materials of the highest quality:

  • PLA, obtained through the special processing of corn and other plant derivatives, and therefore totally biodegradable;
  • HIPS, which can be found in many everyday objects, such as the ones we use at home;
  • ABS, an impact-resistant, lightweight and versatile plastic that is used to make musical instruments, automotive components and even toys;
  • PETG, used for packaging, also in the food sector. It is a flexible, lightweight and water resistant material, and it is completely recyclable.

Through FILOALFA®'s commitment to find solutions with a low environmental impact, we were able to reduce waste, emissions and refuse. 3D printing allows companies to avoid using turning and milling processes, and therefore reduces machining waste. At the same time, the development of high quality filaments, with innovative physical and mechanical properties, has made FILOALFA® an important point of reference in the world of 3D printing, 100% Made in Italy.

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