FILOALFA® | Our History

FILOALFA® | Our History


Innovation from beyond 100 Years


The path that led to the birth of FILOALFA® filaments is rich in craftsmanship and skill in the processing of plastic materials.


In the center of Milan the Ciceri Egidio company is born, an artistic laboratory for the creation of commemorative medals.


From a small workshop Ciceri Egidio is transformed into a large factory in which snuffboxes and small metal parts are made.


The artisan skills continue alongside industrial development: the mirrors combine manual processes with cutting-edge techniques.


Ciceri de Mondel installs a silvering plant in the new shed where he makes mirrors from glass sheets at home.


Here comes the design! Ciceri de Mondel does not remain indifferent to fashions and gives way to a production of mirrors in full 70s style.


Installation of the first extrusion line for the realization of thermoformed frames. Soon the company will dedicate 100% to the extrusion of plastic materials.


From the knowledge acquired in the processing of plastic materials born FILOALFA® , the filament business unit for 3D printing.


Since August 2022, Ciceri de Mondel is officially part of the MAIP Group, with consequent integration of FILOALFA® in the MAIP COMPOUNDING S.R.L. business unit.

Our Mission

The Italian brand, FILOALFA®, specialized in the field of 3D printing, is a result of over forty years of experience in the field of plastics processing and extrusion.

The main objective of FILOALFA® is to provide extremely high quality filaments that are resistant, versatile and that have a strong visual impact in order to meet the new requirements of the industrial and design sectors.

From the very first “experiments” right up to the production of filaments for 3D printing in a very wide range of materials and finishes, FILOALFA® has always been committed to continuously improving quality standards, while at the same time ensuring a competitive price.

Its filaments are used for both industrial and non-industrial applications.

3D printing, the real innovation of the last few years, has brought great benefits to companies and professionals, giving rise to new forms of rapid prototyping, the making of models, medical prosthesis and various components, as well as design items.

Today, FILOALFA® offers a high level service, making its expertise and considerable range of filaments available to its customers.


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