FiloAlfa is a business unit of Ciceri de Mondel, a historic company that has invested its know-how in the production of plastics, in the creation of high quality 3D printing filaments.

1917: Ciceri Egidio is born, a craft workshop in Via della Moscova in Milan for the production of commemorative medals.

1945: From a small laboratory, Ciceri Egidio is transformed into a large factory, finding its new headquarters in Via Savona in Milan, in which are manufactured tobaccos and metal minuterie.

1950: Craftsmanship goes hand in hand with industrial development: in the factory of via Savona begins the production of mirrors combining manual machining with state-of-the-art techniques.

1960: Ciceri de Mondel moves to the new warehouse in Trezzano S/N, where installed a silver plating system for the home made mirrors from glass slabs.

1980: Ciceri de Mondel installs the first extrusion line for framing thermoformed. Gradually the production of mirrors will be abandoned to dedicate 100% to Extrusion of plastic materials.

2014: FiloAlfa is born from an idea of Antonio Berera. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of plastics extrusion, Ciceri de Mondel has been able to move quickly from the first experiments to the 3D filing industry.

Today Ciceri de Mondel, after having celebrated its centenary (1917-2017), has three lines for the production of extruded thermoplastic
sheets, an equipped color lab and two lines for extrusion of 3D printing filament.