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FILOALFA® has developed a line of flexible filaments for 3D printing that are exceptionally strong and flexible. The flexible filaments are highly valued in industrial sector where they are used for rapid prototyping and in all fields that require a material that is extremely mouldable, safe and easy to print.

Of the flexible filaments manufactured by FILOALFA®, we recommend:

  • BioFlex; a flexible filament that is very easy to print, made of a material with a USP XXXII: 2009 Class VI type medical certification and ISO 10993-4/5/10 suitable for contact with mucous membranes. It has an excellent resistance to impact and wear and tear.

FILOALFA® also offers other types of flexible filaments made of TPU, available in various colours and made of materials that are suitable for contact with food and drinking water. Their high elasticity and versatility, combined with perfect aesthetic effect, means that the flexible filaments are an excellent solution for the automotive sector and for other industrial applications.

Contact FILOALFA® to find out more about the characteristics of the flexible filaments and keep up to date with the latest news!

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+ Easy to print + Flexible and Resistant + Resistant to chemical agents + Excellent adhesion between the layers
+ Flexible and durable (27 sh / D) + Relatively simple to print + Medical certification + Pleasant to touch
+ Flexible and durable (35 sh / D) + Antibacterial + Pellet FDA certificated + Non-toxic and odorless


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