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Research conducted by FILOALFA® has led to the production of a vast range of special products for 3D printing, including the GRAFYLON® 3D and AlfaOhm filaments.

GRAFYLON® 3D, it is a revolutionary product made from PLA admixed with Graphene Plus, created in conjunction with DirectaPlus to provide an excellent mechanical and aesthetic performance. The versatile and high performance GRAFYLON® 3D is suitable for the most popular printers on the market and is completely non-toxic and odourless, even at high temperatures.

Easy to use and with an excellent thermal conductivity means that GRAFYLON® 3D, as well as being extremely mouldable, offers a defined, glossy and attractive surface finish. GRAFYLON® 3D is highly thought of for its special mechanical properties, its reduced 3D printing times and its excellent surface definition, so much so that it is also used for the production of small objects or those whose details are very complex.

Among the FILOALFA® conductive PLA filaments - you will also find AlfaOhm, developed in conjunction with LATI, that is able to conduct electricity. Because of its exclusive characteristics, AlfaOhm is widely used in electronics and hi-tech industries for the production of conductive prototypes.

AlfaOhm is versatile, compatible with all types of 3D printers and is non-toxic and odourless even at high temperatures. It has a resistivity of approximately 15 ohm/cm along the layers and 20 ohm/cm perpendicular to the layers, so it can be used for all applications that require an electrically conductive material.

Special filaments supplied by FILOALFA® also include Alfa+, a bioplastic filament that combines extremely easy printing with exceptional thermal and mechanical performance: excellent torsion, traction, high temperature and impact resistance. These filaments are therefore widely used for professional 3D printing and for all areas in which very high mechanical and physical properties are required.

Contact FILOALFA® to find out more about the special filaments for 3D printing!

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+ Easy to print + Excellent buildplate adhesion + Impact resistant + LOW RETRACTION
+ Easy to print + Impact resistant + Glossy, bright and transparent finish + Workable post
+ Conducts electricity + Easy to print + Non-toxic + Odorless
+ Easy to print+ More thermal conductivity + Excellent surface finish + Non-toxic and odorless
+ Easy to print+ Resistant to high temperatures+ High performance and impact resistant+ Biobased
+ Chemically inert + Impact resistant + Self-extinguishing + Post processable
+ Easy to print+ UV and HYDROLISIS resistance+ Sandable and post workable+ Excellent surface finish


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