FILOALFA Stories Ep.1 - Daze Technology -

FILOALFA Stories Ep.1 - Daze Technology

Innovation startup Daze Technology uses 3D printing and FILOALFA® filaments to study and produce components and shells for the electric vehicle charger of the future.

The idea

Dazetechnology was founded in August 2016 by two mechanical engineers: Andrea Daminelli and Giacomo Zenoni.
Everything stems from the idea of creating an automatic charger for electric vehicles, so as to simplify recharging and solve the problems of manual recharging.

After a year of research and development, in which Daze Technology stores the patent, the first Dazeplug prototype reloads a Nissan Leaf completely independently.

Development and 3D printing

The research and development of new bodies and functional components for innovative charging systems that do not exist on the market, has led Daze Technology to the use of 3D printers.

This technology allows a company to prototype even very complex forms and mechanisms at a low cost.

Daze Technology has therefore identified the two most congenial materials for their purpose within the FILOALFA® range of 3D printing filaments: ALFAPLUS and ALFAPRO.

Awards and marketing

DazePlug has won numerous awards for innovation, such as the Amazon Launchpad Award and has obtained partnerships and funding from Italian and foreign companies, such as the Alamo FoundationEnel, Engie and others.

Today it is possible to buy Dazeplug and Dazebox on the Daze Technology website.



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