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The suspended spool

We are in an emergency, it is a time of great crisis and suffering, this pandemic affects us all, as people, as citizens, and as professionals, and this is precisely why we all want to "do".

It is, therefore, this, to do the verb that unites the Maker movement, which for weeks has been active in "doing to help".

Another word that distinguishes the world of makers and 3D printing is sharing, and it is with this spirit that  FILOALFA® has developed an idea to more widely support the various workgroups that are emerging, also proactively involving those who approach 3D printing but do not have the opportunity to contribute personally to the projects that are being developed nationally.

The idea of the "suspended spool" was born on the track of the "O cafè suspiso", a philanthropic and supportive habit, once alive in the social tradition of Naples: the gift of consuming a cup of espresso coffee for the benefit of a stranger. FILOALFA®, therefore, decided to play the role of the Neapolitan bar by giving its patrons the opportunity to donate a spool to those who can make good use of it.

At this point, the third keyword of the Makers world comes into play: meeting. How can you create an effective project without meeting and confronting a network of consolidated and trusted contacts? Here then came a tam-tam that brought us to Make in Italy to get to Maker Faire Rome and the TechForCare project, a meeting space between technology experts, creatives and those who are at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19. Here is who can make good use of the "suspended spool": TechForCare, the platform to share resources, solutions and technologies to fight the pandemic.

Those who visit the FILOALFA® website have the opportunity to donate a 3d printing spool that will be delivered to those who will be able to use it to the fullest, paying it at a discounted price. If the spool is not used, the donation will be returned.

Those who produce by answering a request from TechForCare or Make in Italy can request the suspended spools to complete their work: a shipping process will be activated that will take them from the manufacturer to the maker!

The suspended spool is also as sustainable as possible: 1Kg of PLA in pastel colors, spool entirely in cardboard, minimal packaging.

The suspended spool by FILOALFA®: people, desire to do, desire to give, creativity, sustainability, need to be united!

Click here to donate a suspended spool

FILOALFA® is the business unit of Ciceri de Mondel (a company founded in 1917) dedicated to the production of FFF 3D printing filaments.




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