MAIP e FILOALFA join forces to grow together -

MAIP and FILOALFA join forces to grow together

FILOALFA® joins the MAIP Group

On May 6, 2021, the entry of Ciceri de Mondel S.r.l. and FILOALFA® into the MAIP group, based in Settimo Torinese (TO), was formalized. This is an important step in the development and synergy of two historic companies in the "made in Italy" plastics industry.

The integration of Ciceri de Mondel within the Group is for Maip, which has a solid industrial tradition and advanced skills in the research of innovative and eco-sustainable materials, a factor of competitive advantage especially for the potential of a market in great commercial expansion and with a strong possibility of technological evolution: the 3D printing market. According to Mr. Martini, Chairman of the Maip Group, the operation will allow to apply on products such as sheets and filaments for 3D printers - markets not traditionally covered by Maip - the ability to develop new formulations that will allow a significant enrichment of the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the product offered. The Ciceri de Mondel integration plan provides, in fact, an initial relevant synergy in the research and experimentation of materials with innovative and environmentally friendly characteristics, a sector in which the Maip Group has invested and is investing considerable resources. In particular, a new line will be launched based on the revolutionary BIO-TECNO polymer, known worldwide under the brand name IamNATURE®, with unique performances.

This is a fundamental step for our company, says Luciana Ciceri, Managing Director of Ciceri de Mondel, that brings us to become part of a group with which we share many objectives and values and from which we can draw technical, industrial and commercial skills and capabilities that will allow us to offer products with high content, in line with the expectations of a market that is increasingly demanding and attentive to sustainability, a theme on which Maip has been active, successfully, for years and on which we are committing ourselves with the development of new products such as RE-LASTRE H60 and the ETHICA by FILOALFA® line.

Luciana Ciceri remains in the company as Managing Director with wide-ranging powers, assisted by engineer Antonio Berera, for the R&D division, which will deal with the development of innovative materials and technologies and in particular the management of industrial activities dedicated to FILOALFA® production.

The Maip Group

The Maip Group has been a leader in the polymer market for over 40 years. The company's innovation-driven development model focuses on Research and Development, as well as the sale of special materials for technical applications. Maip Compounding, the Group's compounding company, develops a wide range of high-tech engineered thermoplastic materials, with a focus on special colors and technical solutions requiring the development of custom filled and reinforced formulations. An ongoing commitment to the search for innovative technical solutions that promote the use of environmentally friendly thermoplastic materials is a fundamental goal and capability for Maip Group companies. For more information visit




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