The Umarell, the elder that stares at you working -

The Umarell, the elder that stares at you working

The "Umarell" that watches you work is the definitive Christmas present

The umarell is that gentleman, usually elderly, who starts to look at the work on the construction sites with his hands joined behind his back, guiding, criticizing and sometimes offering unwanted advices to the workers.
It is an iconic and legendary character, who wanders through our streets in search of a yard to be commented.

As well as in real life, the Umarell created by  The FabLab is a digital elder who observes digital building sites, your computers on the desk. Each Umarell is produced using 3D printing technologies with FILOALFA bioplastic materials.

Perfect desk Umarells, in their plastic pose, with their arms folded behind their backs, in turn curved forward to better spy on the work of others. A pose that goes well beyond the world of old people and construction sites, representing all those social and anthropological attitudes of those who comment, approaching, but at the same time taking distances, bringing their hands behind their backs.

“All those men looked at me a few inches from my keyboard ... and I thought: how much would our productivity improve if we had someone watching us work all day?”

Nobody knows where they are from, how they are so informed or why they prefer to watch others work instead of watching TV or playing cards, but beware: the Umarell next to the workstation could increase your productivity.




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