FILOALFA Stories Ep. 5 - FabFactory and the 3d prined robot in PETG for 3d printing -


A 3d printing and digital fabrication lab

FabFactory is a laboratory that is based in Rome, specifically in the Garbatella district, and deals with the development of projects, prototypes, and small productions for both companies and individuals.

Thanks to their skills, at FabFactory they are able to deal with all aspects of design: from concept and idea to prototype development, up to product pre-industrialization.

The machinery available to FabFactory is not limited to FDM 3d printing, but ranges from laser cutting to 3 and 5 axis milling machines, to SLA 3d printing and SLS.

Through the use of a PETG filament for 3D printing FILOALFA®, FabFactory has created a replica of a Gundam robot more than 2 meters high, exhibited at the exhibition "Robotizzati, esperimenti di Moda" at the Wegil space in Rome.

More than 60kg of PETG

The Gundam robot was printed in more than two hundred pieces, divided by position and color. The robot in total is 2 meters high and 45cm and weighs 63kg. The hours of printing were more than 2000, distributed on 20 printers.

Given the huge amount of work, filament and time, the different pieces were printed by changing some printing parameters. In particular, the larger pieces were printed with a 1mm nozzle and 0.8mm layer, while the smaller and more detailed pieces of the head and torso were printed with a 0.4 nozzle and 0.2mm layer.

The close relationship between 3d printing and cinema

In FabFactory they also deal with cinema and theater, since in these areas a dedicated and highly personalized construction of characters and sets is required. Starting from 3D scanning or digital sculpture, in the laboratory, they can directly produce faces, models, and physiognomies with precision and speed of development.

The design and digital fabrication startup

FabFactory offers a variety of services with a specialized team for the design, prototyping, and development of custom products and solutions for medium and small businesses, also offering a small range of highly customizable computational design products.




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