FILOALFA STORIES EP. 6 - Mediterranea by Medaarch -


Eco materials, new technologies, sustainability, design. 

Mediterranea – "A Mediterranean idea of 3D printed design" is the collection of furniture and accessories designed by Medaarch that will make its debut at Discovering - Superdesign Show 2021 September Special Edition, from 4 to 10 September 2021 at Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27.

Furniture born from pellets

The Mediterranea by Medaarch outdoor and indoor furniture collection was born thanks to the use of the FILOALFA® pellet and large-format 3D printers.

The mixture of PLA and other materials with dyes has made it possible to create an original collection with nuances that recall the waves of the sea and the sinuous shapes of the coast: in each piece the Mediterranean is celebrated through unique and unrepeatable colors that are emphasized by the textures created thanks to the use of large extruders.

The Mediterranea line is composed of the Vulcano seat, the Stromboli low table, the Santorini and Pantelleria chairs: furnishings with exclusive and unrepeatable finishes in both geometries and colors.

Modeling using parametric design software has also made it possible to define the characteristic sinuous geometric shapes, while ensuring the resistance of the surfaces, minimizing the use of material and lightening the structures.

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Innovation and tradition in the name of sustainability

Medaarch was founded in 2007 in Cava de' Tirreni, near Salerno, with the aim of helping companies, institutions, bodies, and professionals to meet the changes that digital technology proposes, through the use of digital fabrication technologies.

Medaarch is currently also:

Mediterranean Academy of Architecture: research, development, and training center on architectural design in the digital age, new digital fabrication processes, ecological urban strategies, complex systems, data management, the future of cities in terms of energy and social sustainability.

Mediterranean FabLab: first digital fabrication laboratory in southern Italy equipped with digital fabrication machines and technologies for prototyping objects, tools, and electronics.

BIOlogic: BioFabLab and R&D centre that uses bio-fabrication technologies to create products with a biological matrix and develop new manufacturing processes.
BIOlogic is a project of KforB and Medaarch.

– FabLab Salerno: a hub for start-ups that supports open innovation and digital transformation processes.

– Mediterranean Sustainable Lab: section of the Mediterranean FabLab working on agriculture, food and energy.

In 2017 the Centro per l’artigianato Digitale (Centre for Digital Craftsmanship) was opened: a training and technological hub that has initiated dozens of craftsmen into the most modern digital manufacturing technologies, renewing the model of the manufacturing workshop at the basis of Italian know-how in a contemporary key.

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