New delivery points in Italy -

Nuovi punti di ritiro disponibili

New pickup points available

More pickup points, including some kiosks, are now available for shipping to a pickup point.

This shipping service will save you time and be more eco-friendly as you help reduce empty trips by couriers.

In fact, by choosing this shipping during checkout on our site, you will be able to choose the pickup point nearest to you. Here your filaments will be left by the courier for a few days, allowing you to pick them up after work, on your lunch break, or whenever you like.

How does it work?

When making a purchase, you simply select one of the pickup points in your area, and the package will be available from 24-48 hours after purchase for pickup when you prefer.

How do I select a pickup point?

During purchase you will find three shipping methods: the standard Express Courier, the Click & Pick-up at our location, and also shipping to the pick-up point.

  1. By clicking on the "Select Pick-up Point" button you will be able to choose the nearest point.
  2. By entering your address, all the places to ship your package and the corresponding shipping cost will appear on the map.
  3. Once you have selected your preferred pickup point click on the "confirm" button at the bottom right.

Our site will return to the purchase screen and you can proceed with payment.


Please note: there are some limitations

We are currently experimenting with shipping to the pickup point for our Italian customers only.

In order to receive your order at the selected pickup point, you must compose your package without mixing different sizes of spools within the same shipment.

You can therefore order:

    Maximum 10 coils of 250gr
    Maximum 5 coils of 700gr/1Kg
    Maximum 1 coil of 2.5Kg
    Loads of samples!

Why did we add the pickup point mode?

FILOALFA® has always been attentive to the needs of customers as well as those of the environment. In fact, our commitment to sustainability starts even from small gestures such as reducing unnecessary courier trips.

Therefore, we hope that this initiative will be liked and that more and more people will decide to use it so as to limit the movement of couriers and contribute to environmental protection.



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