Letizia: 3D printed prosthesis for Ukraine -

Letizia: 3D printed prosthesis for Ukraine

A 3D-printed prosthesis for war amputees in Ukraine

The project stems from the request of a team of doctors from the Onlus Intermed who bring help to Ukraine. Indeed, war indiscriminately increases the risk of civilians becoming victims of anti-personnel mines. Authorities estimate that 50 percent of the territory is at risk from mines, explosives, or dangerous munitions.

Faced with nearly 3,000 lower limb amputees, doctors have found themselves unable to help them due to the high cost of prosthetic limbs. The high cost of a prosthesis in fact, over 5,000 euros, combined with the large number of amputees and the short time to return to walking before the muscle atrophies, make 3d printing the ideal technology to optimize the production of prostheses in a short time and ready to use.

The Letizia project

Thus was born the collaboration with Isinnova, an innovative company from the Brescia area, already known for its work in the Covid era. In fact, Isinnova has printed adapters for thousands of Decathlon mask valves used in intensive care.

The company then began developing a prototype, thanks to the team of technicians led by Ivan Guerini. This is Letizia, a prosthetic project that combines economic sustainability and the highest level of technology in the use of innovative materials and recycled plastic.

Filoalfa's contribution

The project is the result of a combination of science, engineering, and innovative materials: the structural part is made of aluminum to ensure strength without losing lightness, while geometric and aesthetic components are made of PLA. In particular, Filoalfa helped develop the recycled PLA filament to make different parts of the prosthesis. In fact, in each printed limb there are about 200 g of PLA.

The limb weighs less than 2kg in total and is adaptable to almost any type of amputation. The foot is one size 41, with a TPU toe.

An Open Source Project

Letizia is an opensource and non-copyrighted project: you can download the file and use it or even refine it yourself.

The cost for a prototype is ca 500€ and disassembled components are provided to allow an orthopedist to custom cut what they need.
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