Polly, the gentle bee -

Polly, the gentle bee

The Polly project

There is a little bit of FILOALFA® in "Polly, the gentle bee", the 3Bee project that allows contributing actively to the preservation of the mason bees, also called osmias, at risk of extinction due to the consequences of climate change and agrochemicals and pesticide abuse.

The Polly project has two primary goals:

1) To create an environmental impact, actively contributing to the protection of solitary bees, pollinating insects fundamental for our ecosystem and for the environment where we live. The bees in fact are responsible for about 80% of the food we eat every day with their work.

2) Create a social impact. 3Bee collaborates with the Cooperativa Andirivieni and together they have managed to employ 6 people with disabilities. They print the Polly Roofs, assemble the PollyHouses, and refinish them to make them special. When you buy a Polly, it's not just an action for the bees, but a far-reaching social project.

More about the initiative

The Polly Roof

3Bee chose to make the Polly Houses with a 3d printed roof using filaments from the Ethica by FILOALFA® the line of sustainable filaments.

This made it possible to create more durable roofs that could withstand the elements, providing the bees with a more comfortable environment. The choice, in particular, was AlfaPro Vita Nova, which offers extreme UV and hydrolysis resistance and is made from the internal recycling of pre-consumer waste material.

More about AlfaPro Vita Nova

Polly and her home

By choosing a Polly you will receive a real "home for the bees" with about 25 cocoons, to be installed on a wall, balcony, or garden. The cocoons will hatch after a few days and the bees will begin to pollinate and reproduce.

Mason bees are absolutely harmless and non-aggressive: you can approach their nest, pet and observe these animals very closely without any danger. Polly bees help to pollinate the flowers in the garden and allow - through the connected app "Polly X" - to monitor the air quality.

3Bee, alongside beekeepers

3Bee develops intelligent systems to preserve bees from the risk of extinction and improve their quality of life. The startup has developed HiveTech, a 4.0 hive that integrates a network of IoT sensors to monitor the well-being of bees, allowing beekeepers to reduce treatments and decrease visits to the apiary. It has commercialized more than 4,000 devices in Europe, developing a network of more than 3,000 beekeepers. It has also reached 100,000 adoptions through the sustainability and education project "Adopt a Hive".

About 3bee

The "Adopt a Hive" project

"Adopt a 3Bee Hive" offers people, communities and companies the opportunity to experience the world of beekeeping at 360 degrees. The project, in fact, allows the long-distance adoption of a hive managed by local beekeepers: after selecting the beekeeper, the hive and the type of honey you want, you will receive a personalized certificate and the credentials to access the 3Bee App, so you can follow the development of the hive and the health status of the bees through your smartphone or PC.

Finally, at the end of the season you will receive a jar to taste your honey, 100% Italian and genuine.

Adopt a hive




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