FIloalfa Academy: tricks for 3d printing -

FIloalfa Academy: tricks for 3d printing

The FILOALFA® column to learn, deepen, improve knowledge in 3d printing.

We have reached the 10th installment of in-depth articles dedicated to 3d printing.

Whether you are using 3d printing for the first time, but also if you use the printer every day, both in technical and hobbyist fields, the advice of FILOALFA® Academy may be right for you.

What have we talked about so far?

We thought of collecting all the "goodies" of this column in a single article that you can save among the favorites of your browser.

This will allow you to easily access the right article when you need the advice to solve a printing problem or when you need inspiration for your next creation.

So here are all the topics we've talked about so far:

  1. How do I find the correct printing temperature?
  2. What do I need to start printing?
  3. What happens to prints left in the sun?
  4. How to set the retractions
  5. 3D models: the best sites where to download them
  6. How to choose the correct infill
  7. Storage and recovery of open spools
  8. Adhesion to the printing plane
  9. The best slicers

Next topics

What would you like the next topic to be covered?

Let us know below in the comments or on our social channels, we'll try to elaborate on the most interesting and requested ones in future articles.



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